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Marina, waterfront, RV, and golf course business consulting services

Clients turn to us for consulting when they seek results that elude them independently. Known for bringing a refreshing perspective, consultants often discern what business owners and leaders cannot do on their own. Astute leaders recognize the value of an external perspective when faced with a problem or opportunity. The consulting services offered by National Golf & Marina Properties Group bring the expertise of crafting successful businesses directly to our clients. Over the past 18 years, our services have been meticulously designed to offer an unbiased outlook on business issues. We provide clients with a direct point of view along with access to templates, systems, and tools for success. Collaborating with our consultants enables your business to pinpoint the true root cause of challenges and swiftly receive an effective perspective and an implementation plan.

Our Consulting Services Encompass:

  • Systems Design and Systems Team Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Hiring and Retention
  • Increasing Business Value
  • Preparing Your Business for Sale
  • Personnel Management
  • Overcoming Business Issues
  • Identifying Business Opportunities


If you and your organization aspire to surpass your current achievements and seek guidance and expertise, reach out to us today.

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