Golf Courses | Buying and Selling

Your First 10 Steps in Buying a Golf Course

Golf Courses | Buying And Selling
  1. Find an experienced golf course broker to discuss your needs and wants.
  2. The costs to purchase a golf course: have a set goal of what you do not want to exceed, with the criteria you are looking for in a golf course acquisition.
  3. Obtain a preliminary pre-approval letter from your lending source.
  4. Decide a location / market for your purchase. At this time the broker will start identifying properties for you.
  5. Know the market of where you are buying / look at the existing clientele of your possible golf course purchase.
  6. Examine all infrastructure & look at all deferred maintenance / equipment.  (See what kind of costs one would incur.)
  7. Have broker obtain 3-4 years of financials & (SDE) Sellers Discretionary Earnings (At NG&M Properties we have all golf courses underwritten for our buyers.)
  8. Look for upsides to grow business, short term & long term.
  9. Does the business have staff in place & does the business have management software? (If so, is it current / up to date or is it obsolete?)
  10. Do a complete (DD) Due Diligence period with your broker.  Trust your broker let them negotiate the best deal for you. 

Your First 10 Steps in Selling a Golf Course

Golf Courses Sold
  1. Have an exit strategy.
  2. Consult with financial advisor on possible proceeds of sale.
  3. Consult / interview with an experienced golf course broker.  Have broker supply you with references, sign a confidentiality agreement with the broker.
  4. Know why you are selling / share with the broker reasons why good & bad.
  5. Do a walk-through of property and business, share all with broker.  Leases / equipment lists / financials / employee list / POS systems / deferred maintenance / insurance / claims / lawsuits etc.  
  6. Get a broker’s opinion of value.
  7. Decide if this is a confidential listing or not.
  8. Decide if you are letting employees / clients & vendors know of the sale?
  9. Decide how you are going to assist in the acquisition to ensure support for new ownership.
  10. Let broker do their job, work with broker during the entire acquisition.

Nobody knows the property & business better than the sellers.

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